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Round One - Croft


6th - 7th April

Supported by Pagid Brake Pads/Breitenbach Rennsport, Whitby Cottages, Hegarty Plant Hire, Freight Hub and Tingles of Warmfield

Words – Brian Ross (F.S.R.A. Press Officer) / Photographs – Simon Heath/Bryan Gough

Saturday 6th April

Warm up

So this morning the track was greasy from the rain the night before, the wind was high which made for tricky conditions. The outfits went out to get a feel of what’s to come. One outfit skidded into the gravel in T1 bringing out a short red flag to clear the corner. The session re-started and went without any more issues. The session finished with the supers Ellis/Clement completing 5 laps with a fastest lap of 1:38.155 and the cup Schofield/Dawkins completing 5 laps with a fastest lap of 1:48.511.


The sun was out for the session but the wind was still blowing very hard pushing the outfits up the start finish straight. Teams were battling up and down the grid swapping positions throughout the session allowing for more rubber to adhere to the track causing greater speeds. Most of the fastest laps were won at the end of the session apart from Crawford/Hardie 1:35.931 who did there’s on lap 4 but had to retire the session with an issue (although at the end of the session this was fast enough for 3rd in the supers), this left the door open for Founds/Walmsley who did a 1:32.408 to take pole and Ellis/Clement who did a 1:32.860 to take second.  Clarke/Johnson made a big impression taking pole in the cup 1:34.766 which also put them 3rd on the grid overall, whilst Dawson/Sims also put a great lap in of 1:35.600 which put them 2nd on the grid for the cup and 4th on the grid overall and Saunders/Stokoe took 3rd in class with a time of 1:38.968.

Croft - Photo Courtesy of Simon Heath

Race 1

Everyone makes a great getaway and flying to turn 1, all outfits get around with no issues, with Founds/Walmsley taking the hole shot. Founds/Walmsley, Crawford/Hardie and Ellis/Clement start to pull away from the pack on lap 2 with Clarke/Johnson holding on to the back of the trio, trying to get pulled along and mix it up. Lap 3 sees Crawford/Hardie send it up the inside of t1 into Founds/Walmsley and makes an outstanding overtake which has the crowd in the grandstand gasping of how he made it stick. Schofield/Smith also sent it up the inside of an outfit going slightly wide to gain a position on lap3 in t1. Lap 4 the chain comes off the outfit of Ellis/Clement which sadly sees them retire echoing the misfortune of Founds/Walmsley who also had a chain issue which saw them retire from race1. Schofield/Dawkins had a great battle with Saunders/Stokoe exchanging places a few times over the race. Saunders/Stell chased Schofield/Dawkins down from 3.5 seconds behind to overtake them and keep the place. Crawford/Hardie took the checkered flag in 1st place in a time of 15:07.361 29 seconds in front of the next outfit which was Clarke/Johnson from the cup class with a time of 15:36.796. Super class top 3 finished; 1st Crawford/Hardie, 2nd Ramsden/Ramsden & 3rdHegarty/Neave. Cup Class top 3 finished; 1st Clarke/Johnson, 2nd Saunders/Stell & 3rd Schofield/Dawkins. At the close of race 1 there were 5 non-finishers.

Croft - Photo Courtesy of Simon Heath

Sunday 7th April

Warm up

Another very windy day, Everyone went out again to test the track and see how greasy it was due to the heavy rain overnight. No incidents to report so it was a successful 10 min warm up.

Race 2

The weather hadn’t calmed and was still very windy with rain starting as the outfits made their way to the grid. Thankfully the rain didn’t come down very hard and the teams could get out on track. The race gets under way - Crawford/Hardie get in to the lead and pull a gap over Founds/Walmsley, Ellis/Clement drop to 3rd and have a lonely race, Gibson/Christie battle it out with Ramsden/Ramsden with the difference of lap time only .300 of a second. Clarke/Johnson again are having a great race in the cup flying in 4th place on the road and 1st place in the cup. Dawson/Sims are sitting 2nd in the cup followed by Saunders/Stokoe. Lockey/Binns have a great battle with Hegarty/Neave on track jostling for positions. Schofield/Smith started at the back of the grid but managed to make up places during the race and finished 5th in class. Schofield/Dawkins again battle with Saunders/Stell, the latter of whom manage to pass the outfit going down to tower bends but the red flag comes out and the race is called as a result. Super class top 3 ended as follows; 1stCrawford/Hardie, 2nd Founds/Walmsley & 3rd Ellis/Clement. Cup class top 3 ended as follows; 1st Dawson/Sims, 2ndSaunders/Stokoe & 3rd Schofield/Dawkins. 

Croft - Photo Courtesy of Bryan Gough

On behalf of the F.S.R.A, I would like to express thanks to our loyal series sponsors, Hegarty PlantLtd; Pagid Racing (Breitenbach Rennsport), Whitby Cottages, Freight Hub and Tingles of Warmfield, they continue their long partnerships with the F.S.R.A on board for the coming season, and thank them for investing in the championship.

Finally, the F.S.R.A would like to thank N.E.M.C.R.C for hosting, and to all their dedicated officials, marshals, medics and all the other volunteers involved in running the event.

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