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PI Cadwell Park R3

Updated: Jul 4



11TH - 12TH MAY

Supported by 1st Call Refrigeration

Words - Raitch Greenwood / Photographs - Sid Diggins

Saturday 11th MAY

The weekend 11th/12th May saw the FSRA Pre-Injection Championship enjoying some glorious weather and the bonus of the Northern Lights at Cadwell Park with the British Historic Racing Club. 

Sharing a grid with the two times World Champions set some pretty impressive times for us to aim at, but Todd Ellis and Emanuel Clement were considerate enough to pass wide and pull in before the chequered flag.


All the practice/qualifying sessions went smoothly and we were called to the holding bay for race 1 just in time for a spectator to collapse, meaning a delay to starting as the medical teams went to attend that. We then took our positions on grid and did a sighting lap and started the race. Three quarters of a lap later we were red flagged and collected together at the bottom of the mountain as another unfortunate medical emergency had called the medics away once more. 

This temporary lack of medical cover also meant we couldn't even drive round to the grid or back to the paddock, so the marshals kindly brought us bottles of water while we lounged and chatted in the sunshine!


We do hope both parties affected are doing ok.


Relieved to finally get underway, race 1 saw a few issues and mishaps resulting in 3 DNFs. 


Results were Redd Gilroy/Alex Ludlow (Windle Thundercat)1st F2, Steve Woolcott/Tom Saville (Derbyshire 600) 2nd F2, and a new addition to our paddock, David Williams/cameron Parry (Millington R6) came 3rd.

In the F1's, 1st Wesley Pettman/Derek Salleh (Baker Yamaha), 2nd to Dave Tibbles/Raitch Greenwood (DDR Suzuki), and 3rd to George McMahon/Mick Ranson (Shelbourne Susuki).

Unfortunately, due to the considerable lost time with medical delays, all Saturday's second races were cancelled. 


Sunday 12th MAY

The Sunday schedule went much more smoothly with no major incidents and every class getting two races. 

Race 1

F2 class, Gilroy/Ludlow 1st, Geoff Knight/Sam Knight (GSR Thundercat) 2nd, Woolcott/Saville 3rd. 

In the F1's Fairhurst/Andrews 1st, Burns/Fairhurst 2nd, Tibbles/Greenwood 3rd

Race 2

F2 results were a copy of race 1

F1 class 1st Fairhurst/Andrews, 2nd Burns/Fairhurst, 3rd McMahon/Ranson.


Following a short break the next round will be 22nd/23rd June at Anglesey with the Wirral 100 club.

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