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PI Anglesey R4

Updated: Jul 4



22ND - 23RD JUNE

Support by 1st Call Refrigeration

Words - Marianne Walford and Tibs / Photographs Sid Diggins and Haydn Wyatt


Race one

The grid was made up of both Wirral club, British F2 championship and Preinjection teams. Red lights out number 14 Mark Burns/Jack Fairhurst (LCR Yamaha 1000) made up places during the first lap and were leading the Pre-injections but by the beginning of lap 2 number 9 Gary Fairhurst and Billy Andrews (Windle 900 Kawasaki) managed to catch and take the lead and go on to win the PI F1 class. George McMahon Mick Ranson (1100 Shelbourne Suzuki) number 127 kept a solid third place followed by number 181 Dave Tibbles Raitch Greenwood (DDR 1100 Suzuki) finishing fourth. Fifth were newcomers’ number 11 Ciaran McVey / Bryn Rooney (Derbyshire 1100 Suzuki). Sixth number 167 Wesley Pettman/ Derek Salleh (Baker 1000 Yamaha).

In the PI F2 class number 56 Redd Gilroy with new passenger Taylor Oldroyd (Windle 600 Yamaha Thundercat) battled through the F1 field to take class victory. Second place and improving their skills were father and son team number 32 Geoff and Sam Knight (GSR 600 Thundercat). Third, another improving team number 908 Steve Woolcott/ Dave Saville (Derbyshire 600 Honda). Fourth new novice team going very well number 4 Dave Williams /Cameron Parry (600 Yamaha), Dave swapping from holding on to driving. Another ex-passenger steadily improving as a driver and championship stalwart number 156 Jan Tyrrell and Joanne Thomas (600 Yamaha). Joining Jan this year is another lady driver number 72 Sarah Bannister and partner Tony Porter. Sarah has also been a passenger. Using a loaned 600 Suzuki outfit, which unfortunately is too modern and not Preinjection eligible, Sarah is using our championship for experience. Both Jan and Sarah are helping each other getting quicker and faster and improving their lap times.

Unfortunately, the race was red flagged, and results declared after five laps due to a club sidecar incident.

Race Two

A leading outfit on lap one just after Peel bend dumped a vast amount of fuel causing the F1 of Fairhurst/ Williams to flip over. The race was stopped and due to lack of track time the race was carried over to first race Sunday.

Sunday was another sunny and even hotter day, no-one’s moaning at this rare spectacle of no wind, sunshine and dry track. I think looking back over the years I have had more missed, cancelled races at Anglesey than any other circuit. Usually at the end of an Anglesey meeting there are skips full of wrecked gazebos.

The rerun of Saturday’s race was without incident and ran the full 7 laps. The first two F1’s were Fairhurst, Burns with McMahon third going his quickest all season after sorting out his handling and suspension. Fourth novices McVey and Rooney after fitting an 1100 Suzuki Bandit after wrecking both of grandad’s (Pat Gallaghers) GSX motors at the East Fortune round.  They were flying, both novices and first time to Anglesey a new team to watch. The tail Tibbles and Pettman.

Gilroy took the F2 flag with Woolcott this time just getting the better of the Knights on the last lap with Williams and Tyrell finishing behind them.


Now ten lappers, F2 Geoff Knight pulled out on lap 2 after taking ill and F1 McVey DNF with gear change issues. The PI results for F1: G Fairhurst, Burns, McMahon, Tibbles Pettman. F2: Gilroy, Williams, Woolcott and Tyrell.

Race two

Drama and panic in the race collecting area as Gilroy’s F2 is leaking fuel, passenger Taylor rushes back for tools but unfortunately, they had to miss the race. The F2 grid was now depleted due to other factors. Geoff Knight with some kind of bug was to ill to race and Dave Williams had to leave for home duties. Again, it was a full ten laps. McVey managed to complete their repairs for a F1 third place behind Burns and winners Gary Fairhurst, McMahon fourth Pettman fifth and Tibbles sixth. Only two F2 finishers with Woolcott and Tyrell.

After a shaky Saturday with races missed the Wirral 100 team pulled the rabbit out of the hat for Sunday by completing all missed Saturday races and the full Sunday programme. It was great to know that the Anglesey venue has days without wind and rain. What was very encouraging was seeing 13 novice jackets on our grid, a glimmer of hope our crazy sport will carry on a bit longer.

Next FSRA 1st Call Preinjection Sidecar  championship meeting Aintree July 13

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