The F.S.R.A. Pre-Injection Championship

A Brief History


The Post Classic class was originally conceived in the early 1990's to give the 1970's-era sidecars a championship in which they could be competitive, as the gulf between them and the open class (later-F1) machinery was ever-increasing, as modern motors improved in terms of power each year. The top engines of the 1970's included the air-cooled multi-cylinder four stroke engines such as the Suzuki-GS and Kawasaki-Z thousands; and also the Yamaha TZ750 with Suzuki-GT (Kettles) representing the two strokes; plus the four stroke twins, such as the Yamaha XS650. In the early years the championship rounds were run by the “F.R.C.” - the “Forgotten Racing Club”. For reasons not clear, the F.R.C. decided to concentrate on solo machines and drop the sidecar class.

At this same time, the F.S.R.A. had a successful F350 championship but their numbers were slowly beginning to decline, so the Post Classic class was invited and joined the F.S.R.A. F350 championship. The Lockside Engineering Trophy for the winners of the Post Classic class dates back to 1997, with Derek Morgan and Andy Brown the first names on this trophy. It was about the year 2000 that the two championships came together under the F.S.R.A. banner.

Over the next few years the numbers went up and down - sometimes more F350’s, sometimes more Post Classics, but enough support to run both championships and supported to the extent that both classes running together had their own F.S.R.A. race at the hosting clubs meetings.

From about the year 2010, the numbers started to dwindle, particularly in the F350 class, with the Post Classic gaining. However, joint numbers were not enough to have their own exclusive grid, so the two separate championships were run within the hosting club's own sidecar championship race. By 2013, numbers had fallen in both classes, a date extension from 1979 to 1984 was granted for the Post Classic class to hopefully encourage new teams, a major consideration also being that the newer engines would in theory be easier and cheaper to obtain for the existing teams.

For the season of 2014, to help promote more interest sponsorship monies were raised , but unfortunately this was the poorest ever supported year - only three F350s and five Post Classics took part.

For the 2015 season, the decision was made by the F.S.R.A. to amalgamate the F350 and Post Classics as one class and start the new Pre-Injection class, which is the same principle as back in the 1990's when the Post Classics were started: to give less modern machines and lower budget teams a place to race.

F.S.R.A. F350 & Post Classic Championship Winners

Post Classic

2006 - Ian Beckworth / Joe Beckworth

2007 - Stuart Mellor / Mick Fairhurst

2008 - Pat Gallagher / Sean Rooney

2009 - Stuart Mellor / Mick Fairhurst

2010 - Greg Noble / Justin Sharp

2011 - Pat Gallagher / Sean Rooney

2012 - Pat Gallagher / Sean Rooney

2013 - Pat Gallagher / Sean Rooney

2014 - Pat Gallagher / Sean Rooney


2006 - Wil Smith / Andy Smith

2007 - Mick Finney / Joe Shardlow

2008 - Steve Brookes / Jan Tyrrell

2009 - Steve Brookes / Jan Tyrrell

2010 - Liam Abbott / Chris Judge

2011 - Gordon Jones / Julie Jones

2012 - Joe Heys / Marc Maier

2013 - Joe Heys / Marc Maier

2014 - Joe Heys / Marc Maier