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With more than thirty years of history to look back on, this page will be used to keep up to date records of past champions, archives etc. My thanks go to John Newton, who has spent many hours researching and logging all of the information on this page.


NOTE. This information is correct at the time of publishing, i.e. 1st December 2015. We will endeavour to update these files as and when necessary in the future, in which case the date in this paragraph will define when this page was last amended.

British F2 Championship

Facts & Figures (1985-2015)

Most British F2 Race Wins

Despite some of the adjacent columns showing a number of successful pairings, the lists of most successful drivers and passengers are independent of one another. Of the following lists, five drivers and four passengers were competing in the ACU/FSRA F2 British Championship in 2015.


Narrowly missing out in an appearance in both lists is Craig Hallam, who has eight wins in total - four as a driver and the same number as a passenger!

Most Wins

Overall Winners & Podium Appearances (Drivers Only)

Podiums-1 Podiums-2

British F2 Sidecar Champions 1985 - 2015

Champ Top3 85-15

British F2 Sidecar Championships

1985 - 1989 Tables 1990 - 1994 Tables 1995 - 1999 Tables 2000 - 2004 Tables 2005 - 2009 Tables 2010 - 2015 Tables

Circuits Used & Frequency

To date, the British F2 Sidecar Championship has visited eighteen different venues (arguably, nineteen, as "Carnaby" in 1985 was a circuit close to Carnaby village near Bridlington, whereas "Carnaby 2"  was held within the confines of a M.o.D. base at Leconfield, near Beverley, twenty miles away).


Circuits Used

British F2 Cup Champions 2002 - 2015

The F2 Cup was introduced in 2002, and has run alongside the "Super F2" championship ever since, those eligible for the Cup can score points in both championships. This category allows up and coming teams to compete for victories and podium places, whilst still racing at British level. However, in recent years it has been an increasingly common sight to see the same teams appearing on both the Super and Cup podiums in the same weekend! In 2005, Tony Elmer and Darren Marshall became the only crew to date to win both the Super and Cup Championship titles in the same year.

Cup Top3 85-15

British F2 Cup Championships

2002 - 2006 Cup Tables 2007 - 2011 Cup Tables 2012 - 2015 Cup Tables Mallory-92 Donington-93 Anglesey-13 Croft-14 Donington-350 Cadwell-97 2006