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2019 A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. British F2 Sidecar Championship

Incorporating The F2 Cup

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2019 A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. British F2 Championship Conditions

How To Enter

Each Team will complete the registration form (available as a download at the top of this page) and pay a bond of £200. Rider and Passenger must be a member of the FSRA. FSRA membership is not included in the registration fee.          


2017 Registration And Bonus Scheme


A 14 race Championship will be held over 7 meetings,


Each Team pay a registration fee of £200


£50 will be paid to each team on competing in rounds 2,3,4,5,6,and 7


An additional £50 will be paid on competing in round 7 (total £100) providing you have entered at least 4 of the 7 rounds ( round 7 can be your 4th round) making a total amount paid to each team of £350 (£150 bonus plus your £200 bond) that competes in at least the last 6 rounds


This to ensure we have continued support up to the end of the season.


Any team not committing to every round will forfeit £50 per round.


The FSRA hope that the bonuses will help in a small way to subsidising entry fees


In addition there will also be a draw courtesy of Pagid Brake Pads/ Michael Brietenbach with each team from both classes ‘Super’ and ‘F2 Cup’ entering that round will have their race number put into a hat and will be chosen by an independent member of the host club therefore having the chance of winning £50 per team.


All riders and passengers must be registered and members of the FSRA for 2017


The registration does not include FSRA membership.


The final round at Cadwell Park will also have the customary ‘Pot of Gold, raffle courtesy of Wyn Wiltshire with everyone entering having the chance of taking a way £100.


Round 3 Donington Park the overall winner will receive the Bill Boddice Trophy awarded by Donington Supporters Club


For more information please contact Pat Hamblin Tel 01332 805535  Mobile 07971821850

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The 2019 Championship will consist of minimum 8 meetings. Seven meetings will have a have 2 scoring races per event. Round 3 (Cadwell Park) will have 3 points scoring races , totalling 17 rounds altogether.


Scheduled legs not run for any reason will not be awarded points.


At the conclusion of the Championship all points scored will be added together and the rider / passenger with the highest number of points will be declared the overall A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. British F2 Sidecar Champions 2019


Also, the rider / passenger NOT classed as a “Super F2” for the 2019 season with the highest number of points will be declared the F2 Cup Sidecar Champions.



General Conditions


Practice will be timed at all meetings. There will be two Championship races at each meeting - minimum distance 18 miles for each race.


Championship points will be awarded for both races as in previous years.





1st - 25; 2nd - 20; 3rd - 16; 4th - 13; 5th - 11; 6th - 10; 7th - 9; 8th - 8; 9th - 7; 10th - 6; 11th - 5; 12th - 4; 13th - 3; 14th - 2; 15th - 1





Championship ties will be decided as follows:


1) By the greater number of firsts, seconds, thirds, etc., places in all races.

2) By the ACU Road Race Committee.



Dates and Venues


Rd 1 - April 12/13/14 - Snetterton - NG

Rd 2 - May 11/12 - Donington Park - NG (Bill Boddice Trophy)

Rd 3 - June 22/23 - Cadwell Park - BMCRC (Sidecar Revival)

Rd 4 - August 3/4 - Anglesey - Wirral 100

Rd 5 - August 16/17 - Croft - DLCC / NEMCRC (Battle of Britain)

Rd 6 - August 31/September 1 - Castle Combe - NG (Grand National)

Rd 7 - September 21/22 - Mallory Park - EMRA  

Rd 8 - September 27/28 - Oulton Park - NG





If for any reason outside of F.S.R.A. control, any meeting or race does not run, the completed races will make up the championship series.



Event Timetable


2 Day Events

Sat:15 Min Free Practice – 15 Min Qualifying and 1 Race

Sun:10 Min Warm Up and 1 Race


1 Day Event

15 Min Timed Practice and 2 Races



Entry Fees


Fees may vary unless agreed by F.S.R.A. with host club

Entry fee discounts will apply to 2019 Registered teams only





Championship coordinator: Pat Hamblin

F.S.R.A. 4 Tivey Way, Melbourne, Derbyshire, DE73 8JS  

Tel – 01332 805535 / 07971821850


Meeting secretary: as per organising club





Trophies at all events


End of season awards and end of season prize fund will be presented at the F.S.R.A. dinner & trophy presentations on 23rd November 2019 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, East Midland Airport.


The overall Winner of the British Championship and the winner of the British F2 Cup will be invited by the A.C.U. to attend their awards evening at the end of January 2020.





The Championship will be held according to these conditions together with the Standing Regulations issued for each event and any further regulations or instructions issued or official announcements made.





1) Competitors.

All competitors must hold an A.C.U., S.A.C.U. or M.C.U.I. license for Road Racing applicable for the class entered.A minimum of "Clubman" licence is required for both driver and passenger.


In exceptional circumstances, a passenger holding a "Novice" licence may be accepted to compete at the discretion of the F.S.R.A. Committee, subject to them having proven experience.


2) Machines.

Every motorcycle entered must meet the requirements as stated in A.C.U. Standing Regulations (F2 sidecars). Engines as per British F2 Championship regulations.





Competitors to pay a Registration fee of £200 by 10th February 2019


Registered teams participating in a minimum 4 meetings of the championship will qualify for a £50 rebate at each of these meetings they attend. See separate Bonus Scheme document


Driver & passenger must be a member of the F.S.R.A.



Wild Cards


Wild Cards will only be allowed to enter a maximum of 2 meetings.


Wild Cards will NOT be entitled to points and prize money, they will be entitled to be on the podium and receive trophies only [If in the first three of either the Super or Cup results] but not points or prize money.


Only registered teams qualify for points or prize money.



Race Number Plates and Numbers


British F2 Cup graded teams will be asked to run Yellow Numbers on the NORMAL RED BACKGROUND this is to allow the watching public, commentators and timekeepers watching to identify which teams are 'Cup' class and which are 'Super'.


Super teams remain with the standard white number on the red background.





Entry forms must be obtained from the F.S.R.A. and returned directly to the organising clubs along with the appropriate entry fee.


Entries will be given to the registered teams in the Championship, up to the closing date of each event. The organising club reserves the right to refuse any entry as provided within the National Sporting Code.



Timed Qualifying / Grid Positions


Riders will qualify for grid positions according to their practice / qualifying times timed qualifying for race 1.


Race 1 will then be taken to give the grid position for Race 2 other than the first six who will be reversed.


Any DNF from Race 1 will start from the back of the grid in the event that there are more than one or more DNF teams their grid position will be allocated in order of how many laps were completed in the first race to give them the grid position.



Start Procedure


As per ACU Standing Regulations.


“Start-jumpers” will be reported to the Clerk of the Course who will sanction the rider.



Finish Of A Race


The chequered flag will be displayed as the winner crosses the finishing line and will be kept flying thereafter until the last rider finishes that lap. No rider will be allowed to start a fresh lap after the chequered flag has been displayed. Thereafter riders crossing the line will be flagged off, their position being determined by the number of laps each has completed, those riders who complete a similar number of laps having their position determined by the order in which they finish. Only riders crossing the line within the time limit and / or distance laid down in the Supplementary Regulations will be declared finishers.





UNLEADED PETROL as defined by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), EN 228 (1993) or BS EN 228 (British Standards BS7070) must be used for this Championship series.



Machine Verification


Random verification may take place at any time and will be at the entrants expense. The time and location will be the decision of the Clerk of the Course.


No rider shall be deemed to have finished a race until his / her machine has been submitted for final examination, if so required, and passes.


It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure his / her machine complies with the regulations. Non-conformity or refusal to have a machine examined will result in exclusion from the meeting and the Stewards may impose other penalties in accordance with the National Sporting Code. The Road Race Committee may also deduct points from the previous championship rounds and impose further penalties.



Parc Ferme


All machines will be required to go to Parc Ferme at the end of each race, and held for a minimum of 30 minutes, All drivers and passengers must leave the parc ferme area and one team member will be allowed in this area only if requested to do so. Random basic engine checks will be carried out.



Engine And Frame Numbers


All sidecars are required to have engine numbers that have obviously not been tampered with or deleted. The automatic penalty is exclusion of machine.



Publicity / Programme


An area set aside in the programme for up to date Championship table and news and information, to be supplied to the organiser by the F.S.R.A.


The series title shall be:


“2019 A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. British F2 Sidecar Championship”

Incorporating the: 'A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. F2 Cup”

Supported by A. V. Craine Ltd Isle of Man; Lockside Engineering, Castleford; Yorkshire Engine Supplies;

Pagid Brake Pads / Breitenbach Rennsport;  A.R.C. Newton Aycliffe; Whitby Cottages; Rowtec; Hegarty Plant


No other wording may feature in any bolder print size.  


F.S.R.A. membership is required for both driver and passengers.


Championship to be a two-tier series within one championship.



Overall series Champions


A.C.U. /F.S.R.A. British F2 Champion



A.C.U. /F,S,R,A, F2 Cup Champion





“Super F2”


In top 10 in ANY previous years British F2 Championship or at the discretion of the F.S.R.A.

In top 10 in ANY previous years British F1 Championship

In top 10 in ANY previous years T.T. races

Previous World Series driver

Previous European Series driver

Previous years winner of the “Clubman” championship and any team finishing in the top 10 overall championship standings


“F2 Cup”


All others


It is possible for a “F2 Cup” to become overall “ACU Super F2” and “F2 Cup Champion”, but a “Super F2” team is only eligible for the overall “British F2” Championship.



Prize Fund


Monies to be paid at the end of season subject to confirmation this will be announced



Race Numbers


Will be issued to organising clubs as per the F.S.R.A. allocation