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The 2020 A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. British F2 Sidecar Championship

Incorporating The F2 Cup

Friday 17th April  - Oulton Park Test Day


Round 1 - Saturday 18th April - Oulton Park - N.G.R.C.C.


Round 2  - Friday 8th & Saturday 9th May - Donington Park - N.G.R.C.C. (V.E. Day Bank Holiday Friday)


Round 3 - Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th June - Anglesey - Wirral 100


Friday 17th July - Cadwell Park Test Day


Round 4 - Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th July Cadwell Park - N.G.R.C.C.


Round 5  - Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd August - Mallory Park - E.M.R.A.    


Round 6 -  Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th August - Cadwell Park - B.M.C.R.C. (Sidecar Revival)  


Round 7 - Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th September -  Croft - D.L.C.C. (Battle Of Britain)


Round 8 - Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th September - Castle Combe - N.G.R.C.C.


For more information and registration contact Pat Hamblin

07971821850 or e-mail pat.fsra@talktalk.net


Registration forms may be downloaded below.

2020 A.C.U. / British F2 Sidecar Championship Registration Form

Registered Teams (As At 06/03/20)


Registrations remain open, but please return them as quickly as possible.

* - Denotes newcomer to the series.

F.A.O. All Prospective Isle Of Man T.T. Entrants - Mountain Course Licence


In a recent F.S.R.A. committee meeting, the subject of the "Mountain Course Licence" for events held on the T.T. course on the Isle of Man was discussed. Although the A.C.U. Handbook is readily available for all competitors to download online, it is realised that quite a number of competitors rarely read the literature in full. It was felt that it would be beneficial to mention that for those competing to gain "signatures" for the 2020 M.C.L. that they should be made aware of changes which come into effect this year, outlined on pages 245 - 246:


2.6 ISLE OF MAN MOUNTAIN COURSE LICENCE An Isle of Man Course Licence (price £25 in addition to any other Licence Fee) issued by the ACU Road Race Department – Rugby is required for all competitors of any Nationality wishing to take part in any event to be held on the Isle of Man Mountain Circuit. In addition to an Isle of Man Mountain Course Licence, all Newcomers to the Course must take part in prescribed Newcomers Training held on the Isle of Man prior to the event.


1 2020 Isle of Man TT Races This licence is a requirement for all competitors who wish to take part in the 2020 Isle of Man TT Races.


- 1. All applicants must provide a satisfactory medical report.


- 2. All Competitors must have held a National licence for Road Racing for a minimum of 12 months prior to the closing date for entries. 246 ROAD RACING AUTO CYCLE UNION HANDBOOK 2020


- 3. Official Result sheets confirming the following requirements must be supplied with the application:

    -1. All applicants must have competed satisfactorily in at least 6 Road Race days in the period of 30th March 2019 to 1st May 2020.

    -2. A minimum of 2 of the 6 required race days must be in the 2020 season.

    -3. In exceptional cases Test Days may be taken into consideration. For a Test Day to be considered as one day, participants must complete a minimum of 50 laps during the Test Day.

  -4. For all Competitors 3 of the 6 required race results must show the rider as having finished the race and have an average race speed equal to or greater than 92.5% of their respective CLASS winner. (ACU National licence upgrade qualifying criteria).

    -5. One result will be permitted from each racing day of a short circuit Road Race Meeting to a maximum of 2 per meeting.

    -6. One result will be permitted from each racing day of a Closed Public Road Race circuit meeting to a maximum of 2.

   -7. Qualifying for the 2019 TT or Manx GP/Classic TT Races will count as one race day and finishing in a 2019 TT or Manx GP/Classic TT Race will count as a second race day. A competitor who competes in both the TT and Manx GP/Classic TT Race may count a maximum of three results towards the six required results.


-4. Closing date for the receipt of completed Licence application forms at ACU House, Rugby: 8th May 2020.

The A.C.U. Handbook is available to download in full at - https://www.acu.org.uk/ridersmembers/acu-handbook.aspx

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