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The 2018 A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. British F2 Sidecar Championship

Incorporating The F2 Cup

One of the changes put forward at the A.G.M. for the 2018 A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. British F2 Championship events - proposed by a race member - was to reverse the grid for race two at each round. After discussion and other suggestions, this was put to the vote and the members (British F2 competitors only) voted that the first six in race one be reversed for race two, so in effect the first 3 rows of the grid.


As there has been some confusion over this, to clarify:-

Timed qualifying will give you your grid position for Race 1

The results from race one will then be taken to give you the grid position for race two - other than the first six who will be reversed (i.e. race one winner will start sixth, p2 will start fifth etc.).

Any DNF from race one will start from the back of the grid. In the event that there are more than one teams with a DNF, their grid position will be allocated in order of how many laps were completed in the first race to give them the grid position.

This idea is the same as World Superbikes and  B.S.B. F1 sidecars except they reverse the first ten.


There are no changes to the engine regulations and currently this stands until the end of the 2018/19 season; so remains at 600cc 4 cylinder 4 stroke motors only.


For the 2018 British Championship we have continued support from the A.C.U.; Michael Breitenbach (Pagid); Lockside Engineering; Yorkshire Engine Supplies; A.R.C. Newton Aycliffe; John & Jean Tingle of Whitby Cottages; and Davey Craine of A. V. Craine & Sons Ltd. The support goes a long way to helping the F.S.R.A. give subsidies to each team who makes the

commitment to the 2018 series.


Registration forms for the 2018 British F2 Championship are available now, and can be download below, along with F.S.R.A. membership forms.


Pat (Hamblin), the F2 Championship Co-ordinator has tried really hard again to negotiate rounds which do not coincide with the TT; Southern 100 or Scarborough. The only clash is the Anglesey meeting at the end of July, which is the same weekend as the Barry Sheene meeting at Scarborough. Peter Hillaby has informed the F.S.R.A. that the F2 sidecar class will not be included in that event, but there will be a grid for classic sidecars to bring in-line with the overall theme of the "Speed Week" and emphasis on being primarily an event for period classic machinery. While Pat worked tirelessly to get a round at Brands Hatch into the series, unfortunately the two clubs which hold meetings at that circuit were full with their own content and unable to accommodate us within their schedule.


As in previous years, the registration system is a contract of intent to support the series - this is to guarantee the host clubs a reasonable sized grid. The registration fee will be continue to be set at £200. For those who are not aware this will be returned to you, if you compete in the required number of rounds. The fine details are reviewed annually and will be published shortly along with the 2018 Championship conditions.


On the subject of host club membership, all teams who compete in the British Championship (and the F350 / Post Classic / Pre-Injection series) must be paid up members of the F.S.R.A., so for all British championship races you do not have to join the host club. (Unless you would like to enter the club races on the same day and then you will be invited to pay a day membership or would like to contest their club series throughout the season).


The full calendar for 2018 is posted on the right hand side of this page

There is a test day at Croft prior to round one, on Friday 6th April

Provisional date for A.G.M. / Dinner Dance will be Saturday 24th November

Round 1 - CROFT - Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th April Round 2 - CADWELL PARK - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th April Round 3 - MALLORY PARK - Sunday 6th & Monday 7th May Round 4 - ANGLESEY - Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July Round 5 - DONINGTON PARK - Sat. 11th & Sun. 12th August Round 6 - CROFT - Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th August Round 7 - CASTLE COMBE - Sat. 1st & Sun. 2nd September Round 8 - OULTON PARK - Friday 5th & Saturday 6th October 2018 FSRA F2 Header Championship Points Pagidweb