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The 2017 F.S.R.A. F350 / Post Classic / Pre-Injection Championship

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Final Championship points tables are now available to download.




Race report from Anglesey (round four) is now online. Points tables are now updated.



Donington Park


Race Report from Donington Park is now online - points table has been updated post-Aintree (round three)



Oulton Park


Race Report from Oulton Park is now online - points tables have been updated from rounds one (Oulton) and two (Donington).





"Noise notice to all going to Oulton Park on the 22nd.


I had an Email concerning possible noise issues for our first meeting on Saturday 22nd of April.


They are being very strict with noise and have track side monitoring so be prepared and take addition exhaust quieting materials like additional wadding or an end cap baffle if you think you are near the limit. Eight outfits were black flagged and made to reduce their noise or face being stopped to race.


There are devices on Ebay that you can buy to bolt into the end can.


My Email from was;-


Dear Dave


I was at Oulton yesterday as little more than a spectator, but I was informed that there had been an issue with the British F2's and the ride-by noise graphs (and photographs), and I suspect there was some hassle before the outfits were down to acceptable readings. The circuit now has a dedicated noise-man and sophisticated kit in race control whose only job seemed to be to monitor the ride-by noise levels (the circuit still gets a lot of hassle from the neighbours).


I want to pre-empt any problems for 22 April, so if you have had any noise issues with particular machines in the past, it might be worth warning the drivers concerned. I am sure you can get more detailed information from Pat and others from the FSRA who were there yesterday.


Kind regards"



We have new sponsors this year and registered teams will have the opportunity to win £50 per meeting this year. All you have to do is enter the meeting; this money is not based on results but taking part. Note both drivers and passengers need to be FSRA members.


Reminder for this year, yellow numbers on correct coloured back grounds so officials and spectators can distinguish our championship.  


The next round at Donington on the 13/14 May with North Gloucester get your entries again ASAP. This will be a very popular sidecar meeting. With it being a British championship and TT entrants looking for extra track time. We are not guaranteed a ride it is on a first come first served. Maximum sidecars at Donington per race is 30, it could be busy going around Redgate first lap.


The Donington Entry form is a little confusing, we enter under the normal sidecar race half way down NOT the FSRA British. State and write on your form that you are part of the FSRA and Racing in the F350 PC &Preinjection championship. The reason is that the regulations were drawn up before we had finalised our championship. Entry forms for all Championship rounds can be downloaded from the blue link buttons above.




New for this year: the clubs have agreed we will be using dark yellow numbers on the correct existing "class" backgrounds.


F350 - Yellow numbers on Blue background.

Preinjection 600 CC- Yellow numbers on Red background.

Unlimited P.I. / Post Classic - Yellow numbers on White background.


The reason for this that when we are in mixed with club championship races spectators will be able to distinguish which championship teams are racing in.


Good news for when we go to East Fortune in August the club are putting on additional sidecar races which we are invited to enter. Their message reads;-


"That event will also carry the “Andrew Couper Trophy”race. It’s an annual event, and open to all sidecar competitors (not restricted to Melville Club Members), so all FSRA entries eligible. You will know that Andrew Couper was a long time sidecar driver, and Melville Club Secretary. Less well known is that he was greatly responsible for the development of the basic infrastructure that we all enjoy at the circuit now."


Also a band called Pete Loaf will be playing on the Saturday night.


Please all teams that have not registered as yet please do A.S.A.P. as hosting clubs are asking of the expected entries and possible this could lead to our own race.


The 2016 FSRA F350 Post Classic  Preinjection championship was a success, and was a great season with fifteen registered teams. Last year we witnessed teams of all ages and abilities taking part.


The F350 and Post Classic classes were put together; but unfortunately not enough entered for there to be a championship for these individual classes. There are still dormant teams out there with F350’s and PC’s so I want to keep the class names alive and the opportunity for their possible resurrection.


Whereas the Preinjection class has grown; with all taking part in last year’s championship committing to carry on for the new season. With new teams planning on joining us, three wheels and an engine with carburettors is all you need!


New for 2017 we have sponsorship from "Lane Building Services" and "Breitenbach Rennsport/Pagid Racing", who are providing financial support for our championship.


We have increased the number of rounds to seven in 2017 with 24 races over seven venues. Starting with Oulton Park, following this, a new venue for us will be a two day meeting at Donington and also includes old favourites Aintree, Anglesey and East Fortune. New to the series is a two day meeting at Mallory with the final round being the Sidecar Bash at Cadwell.


Three of our rounds also coincide with rounds of the ACU/FSRA British F2 sidecar championship, so great weekends for sidecar enthusiasts.


Both drivers and passengers must to be members of the FSRA, membership forms are available to download or can be issued on request. For 2017 we do require teams to register, there is no bond fee to pay,  a registration form is available (download above), please returne to myself before the start of the season, the reason for this is to see how many teams are interested and provide me with contact address and e mail details. Please contact me directly if you have any queries.


My final advice would be that please ensure your 2017 race entries are in well before the closing date as soon as possible, as last minute entries cannot guarantee a ride. Early entries will also show the hosting club your commitment. Have a happy new year and I know I am not alone looking forward to the new season.


Dave Tibbles




Saturday 22nd April

Oulton Park

(Wirral 100)


Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th May

Donington Park

(North Gloucester)


Saturday 15th July


(Aintree M.C.C.)


Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th July


(Wirral 100)


Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th August

East Fortune

(Melville M.C.R.C.)


Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September

Mallory Park



Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October

Cadwell Park

(Auto 66 Club)

2017 F350/P.C./P.I. Registration Form LaneBuilding image005 Round 1 - Oulton Park - 22 April Round 2 - Donington Park - 13/14 May Round 3 - Aintree - 15 July Round 4 - Anglesey - 29/30 July Round 5 - East Fortune - 12/13 August Round 6 - Mallory Park - 9/10 September Round 7 - Cadwell Park - 28/29 October Championship Points